BubbleWrap is a technology for delivering content to mobile devices via unreliable satellite feed. It can be configured to use a combination of error correction, repetition, and retransmission requests to recover lost data.

Bubble-Wrap50-704The BubbleWrap technology operates at MPEG TS layer and does not modify the original content, so the stream can still be received by any DVB compliant device. The BubbleWrap receiver can also handle format conversion to deliver content to HTML 5 based clients through HTTP streaming.



  • Standalone hardware device or software.
  • Works at MPEG TS level.
  • Generates protection data on separate PIDs, original program still viewable with standard DVB receiver.
  • Error correction is using raptor codes to add an adjustable amount of error correction data.
  • Data can be repeated with specific patterns.
  • If a return channel is available, the receiver can generate retransmission requests to the server.
  • Retransmission requests can be bandwidth-constrained and queued by priority.
  • Retransmission of the same packet requested by several clients are merged.
  • Receiver can queue content to wait for retransmission .
  • Receiver configures itself automatically from the stream.
  • Converts video content to HTML 5 compliant codec for delivery to various mobile devices.
  • Handles conversion from broadcast push model in MPEG TS to local pull model on HTTP.