CAMaLot KS is a flexible chipset solution for adding a DVB-CI or CI+ interface to a host. It is designed to add TV functionality even to systems which have not explicitly been designed to handle MPEG signals.

CamalotKSEfficient handling of data

The main chip contains an accelerator for both Command Interface and TS processing, reducing load on the main CPU. This ensures efficient processing even through limited bandwith interfaces such as SPI or UART.

Flexible I/O

CAMaLot KS can adapt both control and content data to various interfaces. It is even possible to mix both types of data over the same interface (for example with SDIO). Internal PID filtering limits the data transfer to the main chip to what will actually be used. This allows the use of bandwith-limited interfaces such as SPI, as long as actual content fits within the available bandwidth.The chip already contains stream processing for dual stream CI+1.4 modules.

Complete package

Each CAMaLot KS chipset is available with full Host stack software in ANSI C. This stack supports CI+1.3 (CI+1.4 pending final version of the specification).

Professional features

CAMaLot KS provides additional professional features such as a multi-service stack, stream monitoring, and flight recorder.

Deliverables options

CAMaLot KS is available in 4 flavors

  1. Standalone chip: Only the main chip, you provide the other chips.
  2. Chipset: Full chipset with buffer translator and power switch.
  3. Full chipset: Same, with programmed microcontroller containing DVB-CI or CI+ stack, control via serial port with simple commands.
  4. CAM Bridge: Compact board for mounting directly in your device, for prototyping, or small volume (professional IRD).

Download the CAMaLoT KS Fact Sheet HERE