New partnership to support CI Plus 2.0 standard

Irdeto, MStar, SMIT, TP Vision and Rabbit Labs have teamed up to offer a CI Plus 2.0 USB CAM with Irdeto Cloaked CA to operators globally.

The partnership will allow consumers to receive pay TV services on their TVs by leveraging USB-based CAMs. The CI Plus 2.0 USB capability will offer operators the ability to reach subscribers by adding support for pay TV services with a simple USB dongle plugged into TVs. It will also enable operators to comply with required security standards for premium content.

TV manufacturer, TP Vision has committed to support this initiative to help deliver the advantages CI Plus 2.0 will bring to the market. At the same time, Rabbit Labs has announced that CAMaLot, its Host and CICAM stack, and Thumper integrated test suite are now supporting CI+ 2.0 USB transport layer to support device manufacturers in the deploying and testing of CI+ 2.0.

A demonstration of CI+ 2.0, including a USB CAM device will be available at the SMIT Corporation stand at IBC, Hall 1, Stand F86. Rabbit Labs will also demonstrate a test tool for both host and CAM based DVB CI+ 2.0 over USB, at IBC, Hall 3, Stand A44.

“This partnership supports the step forward for the CI Plus standard,” said Aaron Li, VP of SMiT. “As a world leading CAM provider with outstanding competence in developing secure solutions, we are looking forward to delivering this new USB capability for content delivery to operators around the world.”

“We’re excited to be able to support the industry by ensuring advancement of a key standard that will undoubtedly gain global traction over time. With the support of CI Plus 2.0 in our TV chips, adoption will be easier for our TV manufacturer partners,” added Wayne Tsai, Marketing Director, MStar.

“The CI Plus 2.0 standard is an important industry advancement and the deployment of our Cloaked CA technology in this USB CAM will provide operators with another channel to securely deliver premium content to consumers,” said Steeve Huin, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, Irdeto. “This partnership is a big leap forward for the industry as it will enable operators all around the world to leverage a trusted and proven standard-based technology that was until now mostly limited to Europe. This announcement shows that the entire ecosystem is coming together, from suppliers of CAMs and semiconductors, to software providers and TV manufacturers, to drive this CI Plus standard to reality on a global scale.”

“We’re committed to providing consumers easy access to premium content though our TVs, and the CI Plus standard plays a key role in that,” said Elie Bonte, Innovation Lead, TP Vision. “The adoption of the USB form factor is a significant step forward for CI Plus. Not only does it make it easier for manufacturers and operators to provide access to premium content, it provides consumers with a familiar, user-friendly form factor.”

“We are really thrilled to see DVB-CI+ moving onto the USB interface,” said Gilles Gautier, CEO, Rabbit Labs. “Use of the ubiquitous USB interface will allow operators to shift to a more cost-efficient and integrated experience blending dongles compatible with a large range of receivers.”


This article originally appeared in BroadbandTVNews on September 14, 2017 09.27 Europe/London By Robert Briel

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