The Carrot

The Carrot is a DVB-CI and CI+ compliant PC-Card extender with an innovative mechanical design. It is mainly used as support for the CAM Inspector but it is also available as a standalone product.


– Pin out compatible with existing PC Card extenders.
– Large clearance of the PC Card slot to avoid bumping into host device front panel.
– Separate micro USB power socket to supply the device without a host.
– Compatible with host mode on CAM Inspector.
– Measures power consumption on each power rail.
– 4 application controlled LEDs.
– Can interrupt CD1, CD2, and reset signals between Host and CAM.
– Optional mini controller add-on with LCD screen.
– Flashy color! Easily located on a crowded bench.
– Really looks like a carrot!
Use it for lab testing, factory testing, service testing … increase the life time of the Host or CAM connectors while enabling access to the signals on the bus.