Thumper Suite

TV Test Lab in a Box

The Thumper Suite provides a full environment for testing TV over a pay TV network. The Thumper Box also contains test plans and interactive user interface for executing tests. Forget about recording gigabytes of live data, keeping a zoo of subscrip- tion cards, and trying to configure a bunch of RF network equipment. Thumper Suite will reproduce nearly all conditions your TV will encounter without the need for additional equipment.


Hardware components

Thumper Suite is a standalone test kit consisting of Thumper Box and Thumper CAM. No PC installation is required, which eliminates compatibility and stability issues. Users connect via Ethernet, from PCs or tablets, to launch and control tests, download test result, etc. Thumper Box’s integrated RF modulator provides a self-contained network simulation for the TV under test. Thumper CAM is controlled by Thumper Box via USB and connects to the TV via the CI slot.

Interactive testing

Thumper Suite’s user interface guides the test engineer through the selected test plan with easy-to-follow instructions for each step. The outcome of each test is recorded, together with notes and comments from the test engineer. The test re- ports are stored on the Thumper Box and can be exported to PCs and tablets as PDF files. Test reports are organized by brand, model and firmware version and can thus easily be retrieved for exporting or further testing.


Thumper Suite simplifies testing for the test engineer by automating several tasks: Thumper Suite automatically sets up the environment for each test (streams), com- municates with the TV through the CI interface, and checks responses from the TV (HbbTV). In this way, Thumper Suite improves on manual testing ins several ways: It can verify data flows which are difficult to verify manually (CI-bus communication) and it minimizes the possibility of human error (for example, in the test setup). Fully automated tests are also possible (for example, a stress test with 1000 channel changes in 24 hours).

Test plan library

Thumper Suite executes test plan from RabbitLabs’library of test plans. New test plans can be obtained from RabbitLabs and installed on the Thumper box at the click of a button. Each test plan comes with all the content required for the test (MPEG TS streams, HbbTV applications, web pages). The test plan library contains test for standards such as CI+1.3 and 1.4 as well as HbbTV. RabbitLabs is continuously updating its library and adding new test plans. Custom test plans are available on demand.