CAM Inspector

The CAM Inspector is the definitive tool for any company working with CI/CI+. It provides an in-depth view of everything that is happening on the Common Interface, from low-level hardware timings to high-level application behaviour, including incoming and outgoing transport streams.

Download the CAM Inspector Fact Sheet and FAQs


The CAM Inspector probe plugs into a standard Sycard extender (included with the probe). A level translation buffer isolates captured signals on the bus and feeds them into an FPGA containing the capture logic. Capture traces are then processed by a 32 bits CPU which can either:

Send them to capture software on a PC via USB 2.0 connection
Store them on a micro SD card
Traces contain microsecond time stamped events down to the level of register access, timings, TS data etc…

The probe can also drive Common Interface signals to run CAM or Host simulation. Host simulation requires specific host extension hardware in order to connect to the CAM and supply power to it.